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Ancestral Canine - FAQ

What is Hypoallergenic Dog Food?
Hypoallergenic dog food is food which is free from wheat, dairy, soya and artificial additives. It contains only ingredients that are not likely to cause allergies.

Which flavour should I choose?
All our recipes are wheat and gluten free but if your dog has a particularly sensitive stomach then we would recomend the Pack Leader Cereal Free recipe as we have found this to be excellent for sensitive tummies. It is also great for dogs with itchy skin conditions. Fussy eaters also seem to like this recipe best as its manufactured from 40% fresh tripe. Tripe is highly nutricious and easy for dogs to digest.

Do I need to add anything to the food?
No it is a complete food and can be fed on its own, however, as a treat your dog may enjoy some carrots or broccoli added to his bowl or maybe even some sardines.

Can I add water to it?
Yes it can be fed dry or with some water added to it. Some dogs love this as it forms a bit of a gravy and tempts the more fussy eater. It also helps slow down a greedy dog.

What Ingredients Should I look for?
Ingredients are listed in order of quantity so the first ingredient listed makes up the biggest percentage. A quality food will list the type of meat with a percentage next to it. A budget food may list Cereal as the first ingredient as this is a cheaper ingredient and can be used to bulk out the food.

What Ingredients should be avoided?
Some foods add Oils, fats and sugars to tempt the dogs to eat but these have been linked to a range of health problems. Other artificial additives are often used to colour the dog food to look more appealing have also been linked to behavioural problems. Studies have revealed that dogs have a limited colour range so the colours appeal only to the owners.

What quantity of meat should I look for?
A quality food should have a minimum of 26% meat and the meat should be named (e.g. chicken, Beef, Lamb) instead of Meat and Animal Derivatives.

How much should I feed my dog?
Your food should give a guide to the amount you should be feeding based on weight, however, this may alter depending on the level of exercise they get as well as what other treats they are given. Its also worth noting that a lower quality food that has a higher Cereal content and lower meat content means you will need to feed more to ensure your dog gets enough nutrients. Which also means scooping up more at the other end!

Are cereals bad?
Cereals are cheaper than meat so are used to bulk out the dog food and keep the price competitive. Some dogs can tolerate cereals fine but others find them hard to digest so are best avoided if your dog is prone to stomach upsets.

What should I NOT feed my dog?
Some foods that should NEVER be fed to your dog are chocolate, grapes, raisins, onions, alcohol, nuts, Xylitol (sweetner). These can make your dog very sick or worse. Contact your vet if your dog has consumed any of these.

If you are within the Chester area please get in touch if you would like to discuss the food or order a free sample for your dog to try. Click here to return to view Ancestral canine Products. |
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